The areas we specialise in are

Trauma surgery
Arthroscopic surgery
Sports medicine

Conservative treatments

  • Treatment of chronic spinal and joint diseases
  • Manual therapy, chirotherapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Cartilage regeneration (hyaluronic acid) Shock wave treatment (calcific tendinitis, heel spur, tennis elbow)
  • Magnetic field therapy (joint arthrosis) Infiltration therapies (periradicular infiltration, facet denervation)
  • Treatment of sports injuries
  • Treatment of bone fractures
  • Aftercare investigations following surgeries

Sports medicine

Sports medicine comprises the conservative and surgical treatment of athletes from all disciplines of sport.

  • Treatment of strain injuries
  • Training advice
  • Competition support
  • Squad examinations (physical fitness examinations)
  • Conservative and surgical treatment of sports injuries

Joint-preserving procedures

  • Corrective operations for deformities and/or arthrosis of the knee (such as bandy legs or knock-knees), shoulder, hand and foot (such as hallux valgus); the arthroscopic treatment of shoulder impingement syndrome; arthroscopy (joint exploration) of the knee, shoulder, hand and ankle, with treatment of the meniscal cartilage and tendon injuries using various techniques, depending on individual need.
  • Stabilising surgery for instability of the shoulder, knee or ankle joints
  • Cartilage replacement surgeries (OATS)

Trauma surgery

  • Conservative and surgical treatment of fractures and other injuries to the musculoskeletal system
  • Specialist treatment of badly healed fractures (pseudoarthroses)